Joshua Willis Schroy

JOSHUA was born on May 15th, 1991 into a strict baptist family. Living in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania, he was home schooled from kindergarten to 8th grade. During that time, his brother, building blocks, PlayStation, volleyball, soccer, and art were his favorite things to do. His father started a printing business in 2004 that would introduce him to the creative world of graphic and web design. They moved to a more populated area and he started his first year of public high school. Having not had much social interaction, the first year and a half were rough, but he ended up graduating with a few close friends that he remains in contact with daily. In 2009, when MySpace was still poppin’, he heard his first Drake track and fell in love with his work. At this point, his main focus was becoming an MC and making as much money as he could to support his new found passion for music. Fast forward to 2013 when him and a couple co-artists drove cross country to live in California and confront their dreams head on. They worked with a lot of talented individuals, but sadly, things don’t always work out the way you want them to, and Josh made a heartbreaking decision to move back to his hometown. He regretted that decision for a long time with the assumption that this was his only chance to make a difference in his life and hopefully others. He was wrong. Enter Stephanie…

Stephanie Collado

STEPHANIE was born on February 1, 1992, to a white mother and a filipino father. Three short years after her birth, her father was incarcerated and Stephanie’s mother worked her ass off, every single day, even holidays, to make sure her daughters were well taken care of. When her mother was working, Stephanie and her sister, Toni, stayed with their great-grandparents. It is to her mother and her great-grandparents that Stephanie owes everything, her life, college education, and even personality. It is through her mother’s and stepfather’s interest in historical movies and tv shows that she developed her passion for Archaeology and the unknown. This passion grew until it could not be contained and she left her home in Lancaster, CA to study Archaeology at Lycoming College, in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Her years at Lycoming were some of the best of her life. Here she joined a sorority, made lifelong friends, and finally came into her own. During her time at Lycoming, Stephanie participated in the archaeological dig at Lycoming’s site in Idalion, Cyprus. She dug for two summers and spent a summer in Rome, studying Ancient and Renaissance Architecture. But all good things come to an end, and Stephanie (tearfully) graduated from Lycoming in May 2014. She went to live in Kentucky, with Toni and her family, and slaved away in a sweatshop, saving up to move to Prague. Then one fateful day, she received a call from Lycoming, offering her a job as an Admissions Counselor. Having loved Lycoming so much, she jumped at the chance to return and took the job. The very first night she was back in Williamsport she met Joshua…

THE COUPLE officially started their relationship in 2014 on the 24th of October. A year and a half may not seem very long to some people, but to Josh and Steph, it feels like an eternity based on the amount of things they’ve already endured together. They’ve had their good and bad days, shed tears and burst into laughter, lost loved ones and gained new ones, lit up the dark corners of cold cities and soaked up the sun 3,000 miles from home. They’ve learned to understand each other, and the incredibly diverse nature of individuality. Loving someone is easy, but sharing something as beautiful as an intimate, fun, and mutual relationship with your soulmate is spectacular! In the recent months, the two have been thinking of ways to fulfill their desire to reach out and help those in need. They brainstormed for quite some time, and after a while they came to an agreement based on their love of travel, and the unknown. Near the end of the year, they’ll be landing in Cambodia where they will be participating in a 4 week class. Upon graduating, they will be certified in teaching english as a foreign language, and the search for employment in Shanghai begins. Their new lives start in Asia, but the adventure has already begun! The two will be blogging about an assortment of topics on a daily basis seperately, and together. They’ll also be uploading pictures, videos, and information gathered from their trips near, and far. Thank you for reading, and being interested in their story. Hopefully, if you haven’t already, their journey will encourage you to get up and do something unexpected!

Joshua & Stephanie Collage