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Circle Egg Donation - Expecting Featured

Circle Egg Donation

By on June 6, 2016

Let’s talk Circle Egg Donation. No, I don’t mean chicken eggs. I mean my lady eggs, the one’s that I’m supposed to use to make children. The only problem with that is I’ve never wanted my own children (Josh and I are still debating this topic). I sometimes think of all the orphaned, unloved, unwanted children in the world and it breaks my heart. The way I see it, why make more children when there are already so many who need love? I know that creating your own child and watching it grow is the most fulfilling thing for most people, but I’ve never felt that need. I respect parents of every kind, you make the world go round. But for me, showing unloved children that they are, indeed, loved is my goal.

Circle Egg Donation - Egg Donation

When I heard that I could donate my eggs to families who aren’t able to have their own children, I thought, “Why not?”. I’m not going to lie and tell you that the money I was given in return wasn’t a huge factor in this decision, but it certainly wasn’t the only one. Just because I don’t want to have my own children, doesn’t mean I can’t use my eggs in a fulfilling way. I like helping people, its a condition of being an Aquarius (I just felt Josh and several of you roll your eyes, but I’m serious!). Since I’m not going to use my eggs, why shouldn’t I give them to a couple who does want to start their own family? Just as I don’t want my own children, many couples with fertility problems don’t want to adopt, either. This is where my eggs come in to play.

Circle Egg Donation - Family

So I did my research and finally settled on Circle Egg Donation. I really like their thorough screening process; before you can even get started, you have to fill out an application and be selected. Not everyone is chosen to donate. Once you are, you make a profile and wait for a family to choose you. From there you undergo health exams, genetic profiling, and a psychological exam. Donating your eggs is not an easy process. I thought I’d go in, get put under, and wake up with more money in my bank account. That was not the case. It’s a long process that requires multiple blood tests, ultrasounds, and self-injections. I also had to take off a lot more time at work than I was expecting.

Circle Egg Donation - Adoption

When it was finally time to do the actual procedure, they flew Josh and I out to California (Circle Egg uses two clinics and the family chooses which is best for them). Since my family lives in Lancaster, CA, I used the free time to visit my dying grandmother and I’m so thankful I was able to do so. Anyway, one giant injection in my back later, it was time for the procedure. They put me under and the next thing I knew, it was time to go. Some people feel a little sick from the anesthesia, and I certainly did, but that was the extent of the side effects. It really was a very easy procedure, for me, anyways.

Circle Egg Donation - Expecting

Nine months later I received an email from the family, with pictures of their beautiful baby girl. Not once did I question my decision to donate my eggs but I didn’t know, in my heart, that it was the right decision until I saw the tears streaming down the father’s face as he held his daughter in his hands. That is why I donated my eggs, and that is why I am doing it again.