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Joshua & Stephanie are your typical, American couple. He has his side of the bed, she has hers. He plays video games, she stumbles upon things. He’s a graphic designer, she’s an admissions counselor. He’s a musician, she’s an archaeologist. Yada, yada, yada. You get the picture. So… why make a blog? Interesting question! For starters, the quirky couple have made an official decision to step out of their comfort zone, say goodbye to all their belongings, and embark on a grand adventure near the end of the year. Where are they going you might ask? The first stop is Barcelona for a few weeks, and then it's on to Shanghai, China! They decided to make a blog to document their travels, and some of the exciting things leading up to their departure, and when they finally get their feet on the ground in Asia. So sit back, relax, laugh along, and follow these two lovebirds as they show you how easy it is to fulfill the wanderlust in all of us!


From Books To A Nook

By on June 6, 2016

From Books To A Nook

Books are my favorite things to hold in my hands, and as an archaeologist, I love old things and don’t do so well with technology (unless it’s related to archaeology!). I’ve also had this dream, since the first time I watched Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, to have a library just like the one shown in the film. For both of these reasons, I refused to use an E-Reader, even when others offered to purchase one for me. There’s also just something about the feel of the pages against your fingers, and the comforting smell of paper books that keep you grounded. An E-Reader seemed cold and uninviting in comparison to the comfort of my actual books.

From Books To A Nook - Stack Of Books

So it was with a heavy heart that I decided I needed to purchase an E-Reader, as it would be kind of ridiculous to try to bring all my books with me to Cambodia. I knew I needed to get a Nook, simply because my mother and grandmother have thousands of books saved on their joint account, that I could access. But which one?

Several Choices

Currently there are only four NEW Nooks on the market;  the Nook GlowLight Plus, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Nook, the Samsung Galaxay Tab E Nook, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook. I immediately ruled out the E Nook, simply because it was 9.6 inches. As a tiny half Asian with small hands, I didn’t want a gigantic tablet that would be difficult to handle. I then considered the features of the remaining three.

From Books To A Nook - Comparison

It was fairly easy to rule out the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook, as it only has 8GB of storage and I read A LOT. Sure I could save more books in the B&N Cloud but I will most likely be taking this Nook into places where I can’t always access the internet. Choosing between the Galaxy Tab S2 Nook and the GlowLight Plus Nook was a bit more of a struggle. Both have a ton of storage space. Other than that, the features were so different. The GlowLight Plus is literally just an extremely durable book, with the ability to adjust the lighting. The Tab S2 is a full tablet with internet capabilities, built in Microsoft Office, and a camera. I liked the idea of both of them, so I needed to consider why I needed a Nook.

Travel Season

With Josh and I moving to Cambodia, then China, I need something small and easily stowed. Not knowing the conditions I’d be in at all times (I mean… What if I need my Nook while I’m trekking through the jungle to Angkor Wat?), I need a hardy material. I’ll want to be able to access my books whether I’m on a plane or in the middle of nowhere. I’ll want to read anywhere, even on a sunny beach. What I don’t really need is yet another way to access all things internet; I’ve got a smartphone and a laptop for that.

From Books To A Nook - Classy

While I was intrigued by finally owning a tablet, that’s not what I wanted. When I walked into B&N last week I was just looking for a Nook, and that’s what I ended up getting. Not to mention the GlowLight Plus has a lot of cool features I didn’t know I needed until I heard about them. The adjustable light and anti-glare screen make it able to work in any type of light. It’s also waterproof, dust proof, and scratch proof; just the perfect type of book for any terrain! The battery is supposedly able to last 6 weeks, but we’ll see how that goes.


So maybe I got the GlowLight Plus because its features are the best suited for the trips I’m planning on taking. Or maybe I bought it because my archaeologist mind couldn’t handle all the features on the Tablets. The world will never know. Now what about all the paper books I currently have in my apartment? Well… Josh thinks we’re driving home to California because its cheaper than flying from PA, to California, to Cambodia, but its really because I’m taking all my books to my mother’s house. And there they’ll rest until Josh and I are settled and I’m ready to put together my Beauty and the Beast library. (By the way, mom, I’m bringing my books to your house).